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Fascination with Rotgipfler

Native varieties quite extraordinary

LORENZ ALPHART deliberately plants Rotgipfler in the famous Mandelhöh single-site vineyard. This rarity is also found in his new Pressweingarten vineyard - and both wines are now among the most exciting in the region. One is delicate, unusually salty and firm, almost Burgundian, the other has intense tropical fruit and spicy roasted aromas. A comparison shows precisely how different terroirs can be expressed with the same grape variety. This is a high art and a real ace up the sleeve of this young winemaker.

Another of Lorenz’s favourite varieties comes from a premium location: his Zierfandler thrives in the Otzler vineyard. It's a real pleasure when someone brings these quite complicated varieties so typically, and yet new, into the wineglass.

When asked about the secret of his wines, the ambitious winemaker says dryly: “Length instead of breadth.“

Recent awards

Gault Millau (2019)
17 & 3 Trauben - 2016 Rotgipfler L Reserve
17 & 3 Trauben - 2016 Rotgipfler Grape
2017 Rotgipfler Ried Mandelhöh wird zum
Lieblingswein der Redaktion gewählt

A la Carte (2019)
93 - 2016 Rotgipfler L Reserve
92 - 2017 Rotgipfler Ried Mandelhöh
90-92 - 2017 Rotgipfler Ried Mandelhöh
92 - 2016 Rotgipfler L Reserve

TOP 100 Weine 2018
3x Rotgipfler, 1x Zierfandler

Mandelhöh vineyard / Traiskirchen
Mandelhöh vineyard / Traiskirchen
Pressweingarten vineyard / Pfaffstätten
Pressweingarten vineyard / Pfaffstätten


Rotgipfler is a crossing of Traminer and Roter Veltliner, and is related to Grüner Veltliner (hence its synonym Weißgipfler). Likewise with Zierfandler, Rotgipfler is a speciality found virtually only in the Thermenregion. Warm south-facing vineyard sites with good calcareous-based soils are necessary. With strict yield control, the wine shows a high extract content, pleasant acidity and a fine bouquet. It tends to age slowly and is often blended with the varietyZierfandler.